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don't you, don't you, ever make me cry..

alrighty, so it's been like, what?
two weeks and a few days since i've been dating my boyfriend, Noe.
he's super amazing, like..woah.
haha i know i know, "that's what they all say"
and yeah, this is pretty much my second boyfriend..but i dunno, he seems different.
no, wait, scratch that. he is different.
everytime i'm with him, non stop smiling.
it's actually pretty crazy cause i'm not ALWAYS smiling.
yeahh, i smile a lot, but not like, all the time.
haha, so i think that's a sign.
anyways, we text 24/7 haha, until i fall asleep. [bad habit!]
i hate when i fall asleep on him..lol.
it happens alllllllllll the time.
and then we talk to!
like, everyday.
except for last night cause i fell asleep and now i am awake at like, 4am in the morning.
holy cow!
blahhhhh like i said, Noe's amazing.
it's crazy because he's liked me since when i was with my first boyfriend.
and i remember him telling me "if you ever break up with him, i'll be here"
and, there he was.
haha the night he asked me out, i was so happy.
i may not have seemed like it to him, but i definitely was.
i was pretty tired too though.
lol, he's so adorable!
ahh, i could write soo much more, but i don't want people trying to steal him away.
basically, i love him very much!
hmm, i think this is enough for tonight, or................wait..
this morning.
so, this is good morning to you?


woah, okay so today, i actually have no homework.
it's pretty great, i feel better then most days.
i mean, i'm still uber tired..but yeah.
haha, i'm glad.

i'm obsessed with a new group.
Big Bang.
they're a korean group.
they sing in english.
and..they're really good at it.


zombie [n.] - what school makes you.
example: Going to school for a day made Mercedes a zombie.

blech, today in second hour, i had......a bad headache.
wait, you know what?
i always complain.
i'm getting tired of myself.
there are people out there with worse problems than me.

the pixie dust prevailed..

well well, today was the last half day for the month.
eww, i don't want a full day tomorrow.
it takes forever.
hopefully i won't have a lot of work.
i've been having a lot of headaches and stuff.
i might possibly be getting sick.
blech, school is really toooooooo much at times.
i dunno, i'm just glad i have those certain people to fall back on.
i love them to death.
i hope they'll be there forever.

tonight you're fallin' in love..

so today was an early day.
but i have tons of work.
my oh my, how does this happen?
well, yeah;
-english homework: which is a quiz over The Scarlett Ibis.
-geometry homework: which is over angles and stuff, oh goody!
-journalism homework: which is the 500 word article that i am rewriting.
-science homework: which is a graph thingy over the olympics, so retarded.
yup, and this is all due tomorrow. manana, Tuesday.

so far, i would have to say...

high school sucks!

shake shake, shake shake uh shake it.

wow, okay, so this is my first entry ever on this livejournal thing.
i'll try to be as current as possible, but no promises.
so, today is a sunday; the worst days ever.
i've been stuck rewriting an article for journalism class.
it's a fun class, but i really don't think i'm cut out for all this article stuff, which sucks, cause i've always wanted to interview famous music artists for AP Magazine.
i think that would be awesome, but i doubt it'll happen.
maybe after this class, i'll have more knowledge and be better at it, who knows.
but yeah, that's basically what i've been doing all today.

yesterday was an awesome day.
i got to be with jess, chels, and albert.
chels is a very heavy sleeper, lmao.
green markers are awesome.

anyways, back to today; i am so not ready for school tomorrow.
it's an early day, but, still.
wait, i actually don't know if i'm ready to go or not.
i wanna see some people, go to certain classes, but yeah, that's it.
so, i'm basically half ready.
yeah, there you go.
half ready.



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